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Would you know what to do? Would you know what NOT to do? Could you fight back? Could you remain calm? Could your wife, your child, your parents defend themselves if they needed to? Pretty Tough is an authorised C.O.B.R.A TM training facility. This is not TV. This is not a sport. This is REAL LIFE. Real life has no re-takes, no referee and no rules. Contact us for an ADRENALINE FILLED, FUN AND INFORMATIVE life lesson that will not only empower you and give you confidence.. but could just save a life..




This world…. It’s full of darkness, it’s full of sadness and pain, it’s full of broken homes and broken hearts. Sometimes it’s hard to believe there is any goodness left. That can’t be true, can it? People are going down the same dark paths, deeper and deeper into the forest because they don’t know that if they turn around and walk in the other direction, they will find light. Some of us are ruthless. Some of us are scared. Many of us are hopeless. What some people have been through is unimaginable. Crime is out of control. Abuse, be it alcohol, drug, mental or physical, is out of control. This world is turning into a world of victims. Maybe we can’t stop it all. But we’re sure as hell going to play our part! And we are going to toughen up. We are going to get prepared. We are going to go from victim to victor. We are going to go from purposeless to purposeful.


“When you thought you buried me, you didn’t realize I was a seed”


We at Pretty Tough, are starting more than just a new company. We are starting a new family. A family of confident, capable and determined women, who have big dreams and hope for her future. We don’t want to prove a point. We aren’t competing with men. We are women. We love being women! We embrace being women! And we aren’t competing with each other, either. 


Women, in general, used to be defined as pure, kind, gentle, feminine, compassionate and sensitive. Over time these words have become insults to us, but really, they are not! Yes, we are all different, but those are wonderful things to be! We can remain all those things and still be competent. We can still embrace the essence of being a woman, but be capable of handling ourselves and standing up for ourselves. We don’t have to just be TOUGH… we can be Pretty Tough!  


Men, in general, used to be defined as protectors of women. They used to be gentlemen. They used to have manners and family values. They would watch what they said in front of a lady, and to raise a hand to a woman… 


What changed? Where did we go wrong? Did men sit down and stop being gentlemen because ladies stood up and tried to be men? Of course there were injustices that needed to be changed… but maybe we all got a bit carried away. 


Saying that,  if you are that quiet, shy, girly-girl…  that doesn’t mean that you are pathetic or worthless. It doesn’t mean that you need a hero. And it doesn’t mean that you are unable to help yourself if you are in an unhealthy or threatening situation. If someone is providing for you, it doesn’t mean that they are entitled to treat you badly. There is no excuse for cruelty. Be it emotional, physical, against animal, woman or child. And in some cases, men, for that matter! 


Right is right. Wrong is wrong. No matter what your gender, race, age or size. Nothing will ever change if you stay where you are and keep doing what you are doing. Nothing will ever change if YOU don’t. 


“Be that somebody that nobody thought you could be”.




Confidence, that’s what!!! Hope!! Inspiration! Protection! Capability!

• We offer a range of practical (and pretty) self defense products, mostly for women and teens. 

• Emergency preparedness products for your vehicle and home.

• Motivational gifts, clothes and gadgets. 


Our Mission:


• To make an income, by making an IMPACT. 

• To change peoples’ self concept by selling products & services that will arm them with confidence and knowledge and enthusiasm. 

• To start a revolution of go-getters, positive thinkers and  bring-it-on-ers!

• To sell products & services that will inspire our clients but also inspire them to help and inspire those around them. 

• To support charities and organizations that also strives to make a positive impact and help those who are not able to help themselves. 

• To be the reason people believe in the goodness of people. 




• Our vision is as vast as the galaxy. Our purpose is to open peoples’ minds and hearts, to offer solutions to problems, order to the chaos; and that vision should, and will be, ever-expanding and never ending. 




• We are professional but friendly. We are dedicated & enthusiastic. We love honesty and integrity. We love humility. We love making a difference. We love lifting others’ up. 


“God is within her, she will not fail” Psalms 46:5

Client Feedback On Pretty Tough

This is a very tough team that has taught both my son and I how to keep ourselves safe and recognize trouble. Yvette and Keilah are well trained and have a great warmth dealing with children as well as people who have been through traumatic experiences. They will give you back the power you have lost and make you feel capable and in charge of your own life again. We all owe it to ourselves and the people we love to do this, our children need to learn how to protect themselves. We do not have to be victims or be part of a statistic. Their comprehensive courses will prepare you for what could happen to you not just here but anywhere at any time. Don't wait until you become part of the statistics, take your safety and that of your children into your own hands, you wont regret it.

Gwendoline Atkinson

I have enrolled my daughter for Pretty Tough lessons and I'm so glad I did. She learned a lot from these two ladies and she is a lot more ‘street wise’. I have also completed the course myself and what an experience! Thank you, ladies, I just wish government can make this a compulsory subject at school so our kids can be taught what to do in a difficult situation. I will recommend this to any parent.

Laurika Hall

Because of the increase in child abuse cases seen by the Sexual Assault Clinic we need to increase efforts to empower our children to protect themselves when adults fail to do so. Pretty Tough provides more than self-defense classes, they teach children that it is ok to be assertive and to be alert about their surroundings. We are happy to take hands with Pretty Tough in the fight for child protection.

The Sexual Assault Clinic

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