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  Keep Safe- Defend Yourself Would you be able to fight back if you were attacked?? Here’s the good news. Learning just a few self defense moves can give you the skills and confidence you need to answer that question with a resounding yes! When you a have a sense of what you could do the event that you were attacked and believe that you could do something, the likelihood that you will actually do something increases. More important than your specific technique is your mentality. B...

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Have you heard about #METOO?

The international movement against sexual assault and sexual harassment The Me Too movement, with many local and international alternative names, is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. #MeToo spread virally in October 2017 as a hashtag on social media in an attempt to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. Wikipedia...

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  Understand abuse and how to protect your child In South Africa in 2018, at least 41% of all reported rape cases from the previous three years involved children. In the same period, more than 2600 children were murdered. Tens of thousands of babies were abandoned across the country. Of this, 2 out of 3 are reported to have died.  ( We  fully realise that majority of people will have seen the heading and carried on scrolling. This is not a topic that we like to...

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Criminal Mind and Behaviour

Criminal Mind and BehaviourA criminal is a person who has broken the law, but there are many different types of crimes that criminals will commit. We are all aware of the more commons crimes, just to name a few, so that people can be more aware! Crimes range from Larceny, robbery, burglary, fraud, abduction, rape etc.When it comes to the biological theory of crime, it could be caused by things such a brain chemistry, Hormones, or genetics.Our brain chemistry involves a neurotransmitter called Se...

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Keeping Our Kids Safe In "Today's" World

Every generation tells tales about life as it was when they grew up. “When we were young, we used to ride to our friends houses in the afternoon”. “We would play in the street until it got dark and only then would we return home for our dinner”. “We would spend our weekends with our friends in the public park, fishing down by the local river or walking by ourselves to the shops to get bread and milk for mum”.  Some of us have the luxury of saying tha...

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Safety And Intuition

INTUITION In today's day and age it is not uncommon to feel fear whilst doing simple things such as getting to your car or walking down the street. Our senses become heightened, our hearts start to race, we may experience “tunnel vision” or auditory exclusion. This shouldn't be ordinary. But it’s a fact. Sometimes we just get that “gut feeling”. And we must never, ever ignore it. The importance of this safety blog is to aid your safety in compromising situations,...

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