Safety And Intuition

Keep Safe- Defend Yourself


In today's day and age it is not uncommon to feel fear whilst doing simple things such as getting to your car or walking down the street. Our senses become heightened, our hearts start to race, we may experience “tunnel vision” or auditory exclusion. This shouldn't be ordinary. But it’s a fact. Sometimes we just get that “gut feeling”. And we must never, ever ignore it.

The importance of this safety blog is to aid your safety in compromising situations, and notice them before they happen.

AWARENESS: The most important aspect of safety is to be aware.

What does it mean to be aware?

1)  WHO. It is important for us to be aware of who is around us. We are around strangers majority of the time during our day, therefore it is imperative to notice specific characteristics in people and to be observant of their appearance. If an incident occurs you need to be able to give the police a detailed description of the person who committed a crime. Make sure to take note of any tattoos, piercings, birthmarks. Clothing. Weight. Accents. 

2)  WHERE. Wherever you go (and especially in places where you visit frequently) you need to get into the habit of noticing where the exits are. Restaurants, Malls, Shops, Offices. When you go in, make sure that you know where an alternative exit is, in case the need arises.

3)  SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Pay attention to any suspicious behavior.

ASSERTIVENESS: Assertiveness goes hand in hand with awareness. Criminals always look for the easiest way to commit their crimes and therefore they look for easy targets. The more assertive you are the less likely you are of you being a target.

These days we are constantly looking down at our phone screens and this actually makes us a very easy target as we aren’t paying attention. It is imperative to walk tall with our heads up and appear aware and conscious. If you look confident you look might decrease your chance of being selected.

Our bodies can usually feel fear instantly, and we get that "gut feeling", it is important to trust that. It's always okay to run:  if escaping a situation equals survival, you will always be the winner.

Attracting attention of civilians around can also save your life, yelling things such as "fire" or "police" will aware people around you that something is not right.

If you feel as if someone is following you it is important to go to where there are people and to well-lit areas. We should always tell someone we know and trust where we are and who we are with incase they need to come and save us from a bad situation. If you absolutely have to go somewhere that you don't feel comfortable, then it is advisable to take another person with you where you are going.

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