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Keep Safe- Defend Yourself


Keep Safe- Defend Yourself

Would you be able to fight back if you were attacked?? Here’s the good news. Learning just a few self defense moves can give you the skills and confidence you need to answer that question with a resounding yes!

When you a have a sense of what you could do the event that you were attacked and believe that you could do something, the likelihood that you will actually do something increases. More important than your specific technique is your mentality. Being willing to fight back is the most important thing. Remember that being aggressive is crucial. Aggression can go a long way in making up for technical proficiency.

Attacks happen quickly – and you won’t always have time to wait for a hero! During a truly violent encounter, you have about 5 seconds to act, and the safest self defense technique to take in a violent encounter is to cause injury.

Mistakes usually come from some hesitation. Pausing to see how things are going, lacking the will to really hurt someone, or jumping around, are opportunities for the attacker to recover and hurt YOU. The reverse is also true: if the attacker hesitates or makes a mistake, it gives you a critical moment that you MUST use to SURVIVE.

In order to be 100% effective, we have to discard the notion of pain as a useful tool in violence. You don’t want to just hurt him, you need to INJURE him. Anything you do in a violent, life-threatening situation that does not cause an injury is worthless to you. No matter how fit or strong you are, the best way to hone your self protection skills is to focus on targeting key points of the body. (Vulnerable areas are eyes, nose throat and groin). 

The first effect in any violent situation is emotion, and the most common one is fear. When someone steps in front of you holding a knife, your adrenaline starts pumping and your heart beats faster. These are reactions that cannot be avoided, nor should they be! It’s the fight or flight survival instinct that allows you to focus on beating your enemy or getting out of there. Many people fear that they will freeze up or act irrationally. When you know how to respond, you will still feel a certain amount of fear that you could be hurt, (waiting to get hurt makes most people freeze), or that you are about to cause harm to another human being. But you have to remember that you have to survive, and you have to put your heart and soul into your defense and throw ALL your weight into a single target or strike. In a life-threatening conflict, if you’re not injuring someone, YOU’RE getting injured. Don’t worry about what the attacker is doing…. make the attacker worry about what YOU are doing!

However, saying that – if there is an opportunity for you to get away safely – TAKE IT!

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