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Self Defense Trainers

Yvette Shaw


Keilah Schertel


Self Defense Courses

Pretty Tough Kids (Effective self defence for children and anti-abduction techniques)

In this program we alter the techniques to accommodate a childs size and capabilities. We cover topics such as situational awareness, anti-bullying techniques, anti-abduction , vocalisation, recognising a predator, effective strikes and escapes. We can provide private lessons for small groups or conduct school seminars and training. Cost vary depending on client requirements.

General Self Defence

Training sessions vary depending on client requirement but all courses will cover the following: * Introduction to Self defense * Self defense myths and improvised weapons * Basic strikes, blocks and deflections * Locks and escapes * Ground survival / Anti-rape Anti-abduction techniques and hijack protocol.

Pretty Tough Fit

Maintenance program whereby we do an exercise program incorporating the moves learnt prior as well as drills and scenarios which stimulates muscle memory so that reactions will become second nature. Maintenance program will only be available to those who have completed a basic course through Pretty Tough. These classes will be for 1 hour per week at a rate of R 300.00 per person per month.